Shane & Kristen – Ryerson Engagement Session, Toronto

After high school people tend to find out about a lot of things: what they like, who they want to be, what they want to do… and many (myself and Annuj included) find love.  Kristen and Shane are no exception.  They met at Ryerson University in Toronto and fell in love, and years later, they are now engaged to be married!

As Ryerson is clearly close to their hearts and their story, they wanted to have their engagement session around campus.  We went around the heart of downtown Toronto and Annuj (also a Ryerson Alumni), Kristen and Shane regaled me with tales from their undergraduate lives, horrifying exams and fond memories of former Statistics professors.

We hope you have as much fun browsing these photos as we did taking them! Feel free to “Pin” to Pinterest any of these that are your favourites! 🙂

We drew 8 hearts because they’ve been together for 8 years! ❤

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Annuj & Tanya


Shamini’s Arangetram – Markham Theatre, Markham

Aside from shooting weddings and engagement sessions, Annuj and I are lovers of the arts, classical arts.  Annuj learned Mridangam (Classical South Indian Percussion for Carnatic Music) along with Tabla (Classical North Indian Percussion for Hindustani Music).  I learned the Pullangkuzhal (Classical South Indian Bamboo Flute for Carnatic Music) and Bharathanatyam (Classical South Indian Dance).  For those of you who may not know, an Arangetram is when an artists holds their debut performance as a professional in their field.  They will hold a full, solo performance accompanied by a professional orchestra in front of an audience of usually 300 – 500 people.  I (Tanya) had mine for dance in 2003 and in flute in 2005.  Every Arangetram I watch takes me back to those days of PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and dread and defeat until the day it happens and it is accomplishment and victory and “what? all of this practice for that?  I need to do it again and again and again!”.

We have recently shot two arangetrams and would like to share a few photos with you guys.  Shamini was so beautiful on stage as she gracefully weaved stories with her expressions – what a treat it was to watch and capture.

Here are some shots from Shamini’s Arangetram:

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Dancing the night away,

Annuj & Tanya

Girls of TO – 1950s Vintage Beach Shoot Feature

Hey Readers!

Remember our 1950s Vintage Beach Shoot?!  Well, it was featured on the AMAZING fashion blog of Girls of TO (GOTO)!  Dani & Ally are experts in fashion, style, beauty and entertainment and we were honoured to be featured in their blog.

Click here to read the article featuring our work!

Ain’t she a beaut?!

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ModernRani – Our Wedding & Reception Feature!

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The lovely folks at ModernRani featured our wedding and reception!  For those of you who may not know – ModernRani is a great place for South Asian couples to get planning advice, tips, vendor contacts, and inspiration for their wedding.

Here is the link to our wedding and our reception articles!

Enjoy the read from our friends at ModernRani!

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Alex & Sarah – Wedding

Alex and Sarah’s wedding was such a great time!  From her beautiful dress to the accents of royal blue, it was a classy affair.  Hope you enjoy our favourites!  Feel free to pin, share, like, comment and all that goodness 🙂

This was one of our favourite moments from the day.  As soon as we saw it, we loved their condo elevators and had to shoot in there!  We tried to keep it on the ground floor as we shot, but eventually, the elevator gods overruled and sent them going up.  Though I (Tanya) wasn’t in the elevator at this point (shooting from the outside lobby while Annuj was inside with the groom himself) Annuj confirms that Alex started to freak out thinking that he might see his bride before the wedding and bad luck would ensue!  Much to his terror, the elevator stopped on their floor (see my photo from the ground floor showing that they landed at 6.  I was wondering if they’d cross paths).  Alex turned to the corner while valiantly his younger brother, Marvin, blocked any view of Sarah seeing her groom before their nuptials.  Luckily, it was only other members of their family that were coming on the elevator.

Of course we went back to shooting, but believe it or not, this ordeal happened twice in a row ! Haha!  Only good times and absolutely no bad luck! 🙂

Fortunately, we did not have to go too far as their church was just steps away from their condo – an attached parking lot, in fact!

Now this is a sign of a happily married man!

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Impressions by Annuj – Free Engagement Shoot Giveaway!

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We’ve just passed 1000 likes on our Facebook Fan Page!  It is such a huge milestone and it would not have been possible without you our wonderful and supportive fans! As a token of our appreciation for their continued support, we are having a FREE ENGAGEMENT SHOOT GIVEAWAY for anywhere in the GTA! If you or someone you know, would like to enter your names into a draw for this free giveaway, all you have to do is the following:

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Ryan & Kelly – 1950s Vintage Beach Inspiration Shoot, Toronto

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Today we feature one of our favourite shoots!  We had been wanting to do a shoot like this for a while, and too impatient to wait for a couple to do this for an engagement shoot, I (Tanya) went ahead and asked the handsome Ryan and the gorgeous Kelly to do this shoot with us!  After they graciously accepted the offer, my mind couldn’t stop spinning with the possibilities and details!

We were inspired by the 1949 shoot done by Andre De Dienes at Tobey Beach with the ever stunning Marilyn Monroe.  The tones and the warmth – just looking at the photos made me feel like I had my feet in the sand.  We wanted to do our best to be inspired by it and add in our own creativity so that we were not merely recreating it.  One of the best parts of this shoot that it was all left to us – as a control freak, this is a dream for me!

I found the swimsuit, but thought that red would look far more flattering against Kelly’s skin – and it did!  The swimsuit matched with the fiery red lipstick made the photos pop!  Make up and hair styling is so essential so I called upon the expertise of Justyna Mroz Hair Stylist and she delivered without fail.  When they arrived at the beach, Kelly’s hair was far beyond our expectations.  Justyna proved to be very professional and was so focused throughout the shoot;  it was such a pleasure to work with her! Kelly opted to do her own make up and kept it in check with a flawless face, a matte red lip, and a signature 1950s winged tip eye.  Perfect make up and hair!  And how could we forget about Ryan? Looking very dapper with his side parted hair, suspenders, and gorgeous smile 🙂

As a Diva on a Dime, I also do like to keep shoots as cost efficient as possible – the costs for this shoot totaled less than $50!  Not bad if I say so myself! But the devil is in the details so we ensured that we conducted the proper research and execution into making the essence of the 50s alive in our shoot. This included getting the blanket made by my lovely Amma (mother), scouring Toronto for the old school Coca Cola bottles, and borrowing an authentic 1950s camera which belonged to our good friend’s grandfather!  And I have to give mention to the beautiful umbrella which was loaned to us by my coworker’s niece! (Can you believe that the umbrella is for an 8 year old?! – Didn’t think so – that’s all of my husband’s skill with positioning and angles 🙂 ) .

Now you can set up the perfect shoot but there is one last important aspect to talk about – the models.  Ryan and Kelly were one of our favourite couples to work with – period.  They knew what they were doing and were not shy.  Once we would pose them, we’d get our shots and they would continue or adjust in different ways that really helped the photos overall.  They are so comfortable with each other and in front of the camera – it was not difficult to capture their love.  Shooting with them and Justyna was an overall winning package – great teamwork! 🙂

We hope you enjoy our favourites from their inspiration shoot!  Feel free to Pin them on Pinterest if you like them too! 🙂

One of our very favourites from the shoot – isn’t she stunning?

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Annuj & Tanya