Shamini’s Arangetram – Markham Theatre, Markham

Aside from shooting weddings and engagement sessions, Annuj and I are lovers of the arts, classical arts.  Annuj learned Mridangam (Classical South Indian Percussion for Carnatic Music) along with Tabla (Classical North Indian Percussion for Hindustani Music).  I learned the Pullangkuzhal (Classical South Indian Bamboo Flute for Carnatic Music) and Bharathanatyam (Classical South Indian Dance).  For those of you who may not know, an Arangetram is when an artists holds their debut performance as a professional in their field.  They will hold a full, solo performance accompanied by a professional orchestra in front of an audience of usually 300 – 500 people.  I (Tanya) had mine for dance in 2003 and in flute in 2005.  Every Arangetram I watch takes me back to those days of PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and dread and defeat until the day it happens and it is accomplishment and victory and “what? all of this practice for that?  I need to do it again and again and again!”.

We have recently shot two arangetrams and would like to share a few photos with you guys.  Shamini was so beautiful on stage as she gracefully weaved stories with her expressions – what a treat it was to watch and capture.

Here are some shots from Shamini’s Arangetram:

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Dancing the night away,

Annuj & Tanya


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