Shane & Kristen – Ryerson Engagement Session, Toronto

After high school people tend to find out about a lot of things: what they like, who they want to be, what they want to do… and many (myself and Annuj included) find love.  Kristen and Shane are no exception.  They met at Ryerson University in Toronto and fell in love, and years later, they are now engaged to be married!

As Ryerson is clearly close to their hearts and their story, they wanted to have their engagement session around campus.  We went around the heart of downtown Toronto and Annuj (also a Ryerson Alumni), Kristen and Shane regaled me with tales from their undergraduate lives, horrifying exams and fond memories of former Statistics professors.

We hope you have as much fun browsing these photos as we did taking them! Feel free to “Pin” to Pinterest any of these that are your favourites! 🙂

We drew 8 hearts because they’ve been together for 8 years! ❤

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See ya soon!

Annuj & Tanya


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