Niroshan & Renetha – “The Notebook” Engagement Session, Toronto

“The Notebook” -*sigh* one of the most romantic stories every told and beautiful movies ever made starring the most gorgeous couple that ever was (*tear*).

When Niroshan & Renetha came to us saying that they wanted to do an engagement shoot with “The Notebook” as the theme, I was thrilled as this has been on my list for a while now.  And how sweet is it that this was the first movie that they watched together about seven years ago?! ❤

Again, this was another couple who left their shoot in our hands – LOVE couples like these as it really lets us show off our creative sides! With a little bit of shopping at ModCloth and Jacob, some rummaging through the closet, and some generous friends, we were able to style and complete this shoot on a very low budget.  The scenes that we focused on were their first meet at the carnival (ending with their moonlight dance under the stars and conversation while laying on the street), their summer dates with ice cream on the promenade, and a more serious and emotional tone at the abandoned site where their love grew.


Details were great with popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, and of course, the stack of Noah’s… errr I mean Niroshan’s letters that were hidden away for years!  We are so happy with how these images turned out! I’m a bigger fan of “A Walk to Remember” myself; Annuj has always voted for “The Notebook” – but at least we both agree that “The Notebook” makes for better inspiration for an engagement shoot – lol!  Hope you enjoy some of our favourites!   Feel free to “Pin” them on Pinterest! 🙂

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Be back soon with some more creative shoots!

Annuj & Tanya


P.S. Their wedding is less than two weeks away and we’re so excited and honoured to be a part of such a big day!


4 thoughts on “Niroshan & Renetha – “The Notebook” Engagement Session, Toronto

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