Frank & Jill & Dom – Puppy Love Shoot, Toronto

Back in the fall, we had the great opportunity of working with the beauty and brains behind Heels & Hers Closet, my good friend Jill!  She and Frank have been together for ever now and the three of us had met back in elementary school!

Clearly from the photos you see below, you’ll see that they really haven’t changed.  They are still the cute, fun-loving couple they were eons ago – only now they also have Dom!  They brought their little energetic guy along for the shoot and we had a blast!

Jill is a complete fashionista as you will see through her wardrobe choices from the shoot.  This love of fashion lead her to her brainchild: Heels & Hers Closet.  Check it out to get updates on everything great in the T dot Oh.

Hope you enjoy some shots from their shoot 🙂


He’s a mischievous little guy! But so cute when he’s up to no good!

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