Mali & Thush – Civil Ceremony, Toronto

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We are back and this time with a Civil Ceremony.  Thush & Mali are two people who met and became friends in their high school, L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute, and then 10 years later fell in love – how cute! 🙂
And now, years later, they are getting married! Their civil ceremony took place at J&J Swagat Banquet Hall in Markham and we were delighted to be a part of their day.  After a short prayer session, and tradition registration rituals, there were speeches and games – overall it was a happy and fun day.
Mali was dressed in a BEAUTIFUL red, green and indigo designer saree – and credit it must be given to Amplified Soul who took care of her hair and make up for the day.  Hope you enjoy the photos 🙂
Looking forward to shooting their engagement shoot, Hindu wedding, and reception in the next few months! 🙂
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Aaina Bridal – 1950s Kollywood Engagement Shoot Feature

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Our 1950s Kollywood engagement shoot starring Sathees & Tharshini was featured by Asiya on the fabulous Aaina Bridal blog.  If you haven’t caught her article on us yet, you can find it here.
A A I N A - Bridal Beauty and Style
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Dreams Wedding Show – Behind the Scenes

In November, we shot for the Dreams Wedding Show Magazine. This gave us the opportunity to work with the amazing Payal Gupta of Brides by Payal as well as some extremely talented models: Abissheka Lloydson & Sona Ghotra. Hope you enjoy a backstage pass of our day 🙂

Be sure to check out the Dreams Wedding Show at the Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga a week from today on Sunday, January 20, 2013!

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Dreamers Events – “The Notebook” Engagement Shoot Feature

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I guess you folks must really like our engagement shoot inspired by “The Notebook” as it was featured yet again – this time by Thadshige Jeyaseelan of Dreamers Events.  We were fortunate enough to work with Thadshiga on our Ohm Wedding shoot and she’s so creative and focused, such a pleasure working with her.  She’s now featured one of our favourite shoots of the year; head on over here to her blog to read more about it!

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Tharshini & Sathees – 1950s Kollywood Cinema Engagement Shoot, Toronto

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We are back today with another creative engagement shoot!

Sathees and Tharshini came to us to book their wedding and wanted to include an engagement shoot.  We asked them if they wanted to do a more classic shoot or a themed one and Tharshini came forward with the idea of doing a 1950s Thamizh Cinema shoot.  We jumped on board instantly!  What a great idea!  From there, I created a lookbook outlining outfits, make up and hair, jewellry and other accessories.  We also did research to stay true to the photos of the era with regards to posing, light, and style.  This included Googling, photo searches, and hours of Sivaji, Saroja Devi, and of course, MGR!

What we ended up with was a great shoot with a wonderfully easy-going and happy couple.  The day of the shoot, they were so open and willing to try out anything that we had asked.  As you can imagine, poses from the 1950s are not quite the same as the ones that are done today and many can be very awkward.  Tharshini and Sathees were so clearly comfortable with each other that their ease shines through their photos.  Hope you enjoy their shoot!  Make up and hair was done by Beauty Fx.  Feel free to pin your favourites to Pinterest! 🙂

We had the privilege of being able to shoot their civil ceremony and their Hindu wedding after this shoot.  Stay tuned for the write-ups or head on over to our Facebook Fan Page to check them out now 🙂 “Like” the page to stay updated on our current work!

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