Jennifer & Drew – Engagement Shoot, Toronto

Hi  Everyone!

We’re here again with another winter engagement shoot.  This time with our lovely couple Jennifer and Drew.  We have to say they were on top of everything for this shoot with respect to props.  From a makeshift  fire pit, clear mugs for hot chocolate, and even a vintage oil candle that Jennifer borrowed for her mother (bought for Y2K purposes!).  Although though it was cold Jennifer and Drew stayed nice an toasty next to their bond fire eating some yummy marshmallows.

Hope everyone enjoys the photos!

Keep warm!

Annuj & Tanya


Dil & Sunita – A Christmas Proposal, Toronto

Hi All,

What a treat we have in store for you today!  We had the amazing opportunity of capturing a Christmas proposal this year. Sunita is a girl who loves Christmas, more so than her own birthday – according to Dil. So he waited until her favourite time of the year to pop the question. After a show of the nutcracker, they went back for their annual tradition of checking out the award-winning house for Christmas decor in Pickering. The owners of the house were kind enough (and in fact, honoured) to have Dil experience a monumental life moment at their home.

It’s funny – that night was extremely cold, rainy, windy, snowing (in a gusty way, not the nice way), and we thought that all of those combined would have landed in Sunita being a little grumpy and a not so nice shot. Instead, right as they walked up to the house, everything calmed down – as if it was just for them, for their moment. It wasn’t cold anymore as the rain stopped, the wind paused, and the snow trickled down beautifully from the sky. 

After their taking in of all things festive at the home, Dil got down on one knee and asked for Sunita’s hand in marriage. Gauging by her reaction, it was needless to say that she was both shocked and thrilled – she said “YES! We hope you enjoy some shots of this home and Dil & Sunita’s special moment.

Though it is a tad (yes, just a TAD) late, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your holidays 🙂

Annuj & Tanya

Niroshan & Renetha – Reception, Toronto

Hello blog world!

So it’s time for another blog post.  This time it’s a wrap up of Niroshan and Renee’s story with their wedding reception.

Before their reception we shot at the Hilton Suites in Markham.  I’ve always driven by this hotel and loved how the glass windows go up all the way to the top of the building front of the building as the actual building is a U shape with the glass connect both ends.

Niroshan and Renee are always fun to work with and they always do whatever we ask them to and this time we had them jump on the bed fully dressed and the photos really showed how much of a fun couple they are.  Their reception was at Scarborough Convention Centre and included a fun filled reception with an introduction dance, speeches, and a hilarious reenactment by their friends of their first meet (along with ACTUAL video footage of that first time)!   How sweet and thoughtful is that?!

Here are some of our favourites from their day!

We got home around 2:30am that night and packed our luggage because we had a 10am flight to Jamaica the next day!

As the first couple who booked us for their wedding, Niroshan and Renetha will always have a special place in our hearts.  They had faith and confidence in us and we’ll never forget that.  We are so glad with how quickly they switched from clients to friends – such an easy going, amazing couple.  We had fun shooting them from beginning to end and hope to build many more relationships with clients like we have with them.

Wishing them nothing but the absolute best that this world can offer,

Annuj & Tanya

Niroshan & Renetha – Hindu Wedding, Toronto

I’m sure you all know Niroshan and Renetha quite well now and it’s finally time for their wedding!

They had a beautiful ceremony joined by many friends and family from all over the globe.  The love that they both have for each other shows as there were moments of utter joy and happiness as the couple couldn’t hold in their tears nor their smiles.

I remember while shooting at Niroshan’s house, the power had gone out twice while we were shooting (after going out twice before I got there) and Niroshan was worried that it would happen at the hall as well, considering he lives minutes away.  Luckily the last outage happened just as we were leaving the house and nothing happened at the hall!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Scarborough Convention Centre, make up and hair was done by Simple Beauty, while the video was done by our friends at Scopeline Studios.

What an absolutely beautiful couple!  Up next, their reception!

Back soon,

Annuj & Tanya

Sathees & Tharshini – Hindu Wedding, Toronto

Hi Everyone!

It’s wedding time again!  And this time we have our lovely couple from our 50’s Kollywood shoot, Tharshini & Sathees.  The wedding took place at Le Jardin Banquet De Toronto Banquet Hall.  Everybody, if you want a fair tale wedding and you have a large guest list.  This is the hall for you.  When driving up to the hall you’ll think you’re driving up to a palace as it has large cone shaped towers, tall pillars, the whole nine yards.  We had to make sure we captured that and you’ll see it in our final photo with the couple that day.

Tharshini’s makeup was done by RR Beauty, the video was done by DV Shan and Bala from Rhythms Banquet Services and Bollywood Mandaps took care of the decor.  In all I’d say their wedding day went off perfectly! Oh and I almost forgot, Sathees’s vibuthi was done by his very own father.  Make sure you keep an eye out for those photos below, he’s got his technique down pat!

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Write soon,

Annuj & Tanya


iDreams Magazine – Brides by Payal Shoot, Toronto

Hello Everyone!

So a few months ago we were approached by Payal from Brides by Payal, a makeup and mehndi artist to work together on photos for her upcoming magazine for the Dreams Wedding Show.  If you head over to her facebook page you’ll see that she has great work and is by far one of the best mehndi artists we’ve ever met.

She approached us about shooting two models so we started looking right away. Eventually we decided to go with Abissheka Lloydson for the makeup and Sukhmeen Ghotra for the mehndi.  They both proved to be wonderful models and were amazing to work with.

We also decided that instead of a regular black or white background we should make a set, so off to Homesense we went!  Homesense always has a lot of great stuff and we found a tufted leather chair, an antique looking side table, a table lamp as well as a rustic looking hanging candle holder.  Oh and not to mention a few sarees that we borrowed from our mothers.

We got to the location a little early set everything up and by the time we were ready so was our first model Abissheka.  She was amazing and she pulled off the bridal look perfectly, even though she’s only 16!  Sona was up next and she also did great and the mehndi that Payal did on her back was simply stunning.

But we were a little biased towards our favourite model: our ever-amazing, MOLLY!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Annuj & Tanya

Niroshan & Renetha – Glam Engagement Shoot, Toronto

Hi Everyone!

So you guys might remember Rene and Niroshan from our shoot inspired by “the Notebook”.  On the same day  Rene also wanted to have shots taken at the King Edward hotel in beautiful downtown Toronto.  This way Niroshan had a chance to wear something a little more stylish than a pair of khakis and the paperboy hat!
When we got to the hotel we couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was as the architecture is absolutely breathtaking.  The shot ideas came flooding but we only and a couple hours to work with – and off we went!
See ya soon!
Annuj & Tanya

Saravanan & Lidiana – Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Toronto

Hey guys,
Today we feature a Hindu wedding with Saravanan & Lidiana – a couple who came to us through the groom’s sister, Mayu (who we are shooting in a few months!).  Lidiana’s hesitation at wearing a saree for the first time was completely unfounded as she looked radiant on their big day.  As things usually do for a wedding, the ceremony ran a little late and they decided not to have Lidiana change into a different saree (as per usual tradition) before the Thaali (wedding necklace) was tied around her neck.  Instead, it was draped over her manavara saree (first saree).  They did such a great job that when looking through the photos, Annuj and I doubted ourselves that it actually occurred!  Luckily for Lidiana, her first saree blouse went pretty well with the koorai saree (wedding saree)!  After the Thaali was tied at the auspicious time, she left and changed into her koorai.
We worked beside the very talented Ramesh P. from Butterfly Squad who was there to capture the cinematography for the wedding – such a pleasure it is to work with his team 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy some of the shots from their wedding.
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Be back soon,
Annuj & Tanya

Tharshini & Sathees – Civil Ceremony, Toronto

Hi Everyone!!!

So it’s time for another blog entry.  This time is another civil ceremony between Tharshini & Sathees.  You might remember them from the 1950’s Kollywood themed engagement shoot!  They were a lovely couple to work with on both occasions and gave us many moments to capture!  It was especially heart-warming to see her father in tears after getting registered.  Tanya cried behind the camera; she’s a softie.

After the ceremony we continued to shoot the couple in the foyer, which made for some really great shots!


Make sure to come back soon, as we’ll be posting their wedding in the near future.