Saravanan & Lidiana – Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Toronto

Hey guys,
Today we feature a Hindu wedding with Saravanan & Lidiana – a couple who came to us through the groom’s sister, Mayu (who we are shooting in a few months!).  Lidiana’s hesitation at wearing a saree for the first time was completely unfounded as she looked radiant on their big day.  As things usually do for a wedding, the ceremony ran a little late and they decided not to have Lidiana change into a different saree (as per usual tradition) before the Thaali (wedding necklace) was tied around her neck.  Instead, it was draped over her manavara saree (first saree).  They did such a great job that when looking through the photos, Annuj and I doubted ourselves that it actually occurred!  Luckily for Lidiana, her first saree blouse went pretty well with the koorai saree (wedding saree)!  After the Thaali was tied at the auspicious time, she left and changed into her koorai.
We worked beside the very talented Ramesh P. from Butterfly Squad who was there to capture the cinematography for the wedding – such a pleasure it is to work with his team 🙂
Hope you guys enjoy some of the shots from their wedding.
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Be back soon,
Annuj & Tanya

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