Sathees & Tharshini – Hindu Wedding, Toronto

Hi Everyone!

It’s wedding time again!  And this time we have our lovely couple from our 50’s Kollywood shoot, Tharshini & Sathees.  The wedding took place at Le Jardin Banquet De Toronto Banquet Hall.  Everybody, if you want a fair tale wedding and you have a large guest list.  This is the hall for you.  When driving up to the hall you’ll think you’re driving up to a palace as it has large cone shaped towers, tall pillars, the whole nine yards.  We had to make sure we captured that and you’ll see it in our final photo with the couple that day.

Tharshini’s makeup was done by RR Beauty, the video was done by DV Shan and Bala from Rhythms Banquet Services and Bollywood Mandaps took care of the decor.  In all I’d say their wedding day went off perfectly! Oh and I almost forgot, Sathees’s vibuthi was done by his very own father.  Make sure you keep an eye out for those photos below, he’s got his technique down pat!

Hope you enjoyed!  To check out more of our work, head over to our Facebook Fan Page.  “Like” the page to stay updated on our current work!

Write soon,

Annuj & Tanya



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