Niroshan & Renetha – Hindu Wedding, Toronto

I’m sure you all know Niroshan and Renetha quite well now and it’s finally time for their wedding!

They had a beautiful ceremony joined by many friends and family from all over the globe.  The love that they both have for each other shows as there were moments of utter joy and happiness as the couple couldn’t hold in their tears nor their smiles.

I remember while shooting at Niroshan’s house, the power had gone out twice while we were shooting (after going out twice before I got there) and Niroshan was worried that it would happen at the hall as well, considering he lives minutes away.  Luckily the last outage happened just as we were leaving the house and nothing happened at the hall!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Scarborough Convention Centre, make up and hair was done by Simple Beauty, while the video was done by our friends at Scopeline Studios.

What an absolutely beautiful couple!  Up next, their reception!

Back soon,

Annuj & Tanya


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