Dil & Sunita – A Christmas Proposal, Toronto

Hi All,

What a treat we have in store for you today!  We had the amazing opportunity of capturing a Christmas proposal this year. Sunita is a girl who loves Christmas, more so than her own birthday – according to Dil. So he waited until her favourite time of the year to pop the question. After a show of the nutcracker, they went back for their annual tradition of checking out the award-winning house for Christmas decor in Pickering. The owners of the house were kind enough (and in fact, honoured) to have Dil experience a monumental life moment at their home.

It’s funny – that night was extremely cold, rainy, windy, snowing (in a gusty way, not the nice way), and we thought that all of those combined would have landed in Sunita being a little grumpy and a not so nice shot. Instead, right as they walked up to the house, everything calmed down – as if it was just for them, for their moment. It wasn’t cold anymore as the rain stopped, the wind paused, and the snow trickled down beautifully from the sky. 

After their taking in of all things festive at the home, Dil got down on one knee and asked for Sunita’s hand in marriage. Gauging by her reaction, it was needless to say that she was both shocked and thrilled – she said “YES! We hope you enjoy some shots of this home and Dil & Sunita’s special moment.

Though it is a tad (yes, just a TAD) late, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your holidays 🙂

Annuj & Tanya


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