Mathan & Nirossa – Civil Ceremony, Mississauga

Hi all,

Today we’re here with a very special treat.  Mathan & Nirossa had their civil ceremony this month and we cannot say enough about how cute they are together.  Throughout the ceremony, Mathan was constantly joking with and whispering sweet nothings into Nirossa’s ear; his speech was so thoughtful and heartfelt.  Nirossa and her family are from Germany and she is moving to Toronto after their fall wedding so it was a very emotional day for everyone.  But despite their long distance relationship, she and Mathan are so unbelievably comfortable with each other – their love radiates through the photos.
What a special day filled with smiles, tears and so much love.  We are so honoured to have been a small part of a wonderful day.  Really looking to their engagement shoot in the summer and their wedding this fall.
Annuj & Tanya

6 thoughts on “Mathan & Nirossa – Civil Ceremony, Mississauga

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