Rohin & Abhi – Post-Wedding Engagement Session

Hi guys,

Today we come to you with a special couple – Rohin and Abhi. Rohin and I (Tanya) met many moons ago through the Karnatik Arts and probably at some concert, though I cannot recall which one. Rohin and Abhi met a few years back when he was visiting Australia and this past December they got married in Chennai! They wanted to have a casual shoot with nice backgrounds so we headed over to the Guildwood and Humber Bay Bridge for their photos.

Rohin and Abhi are your definition of a supercouple (can’t decide if their celebrity name would be Rohini or Abhin). They are clearly gorgeous, brilliant (they are both biomedical engineers – Rohin recently finished his PhD!), talented (both amazing Karnatik vocalists – amongst other musical talents), and fitness experts while working towards humanitarian efforts (I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen Rohin putting up his pledge links for bike-a-thons for various charities and they both recently did the CN Tower Climb for the WWF!). They’re the kind of couple you’d love to hate because they’re so perfect, but you just can’t because not only are they awesome in every way you could see them without knowing them, but they are genuinely good, down-to-earth people. Our shoot really just zoomed by and it is because of their light-hearted and hilarious nature. Their patience with the winds and the cold when we were on that bridge is not forgotten – when many (rightfully) would be cranky or just want to quit, they stayed there without fuss and Abhi did not bat any of her beautiful long lashes as long as Rohin kept her warm (remember, Rohin: warm wife = happy wife = happy life!) – and warm she was (well, sorta… as warm as someone could be at that time lol). Abhi wanted a very casual and natural look for the shoot and Nizani from Crown Beauty did just that with soft pink eye shadows and neutral tones. Stunning job! Hope you guys enjoy some of our faves.

See ya soon,

Annuj & Tanya

P.S. Rohin, now both you AND Abhi owe me a Kaapi/coffee (though I’d much prefer the kaapi…) maybe some Kaapi over coffee? 🙂


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