Chandra & Vasi – Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Mississauga

Hi all,
We’re here today with the Hindu wedding of Vasi & Chandra.  One thing that stood strong throughout both their Hindu and Catholic ceremonies and right through the reception was their families.  I went over to Vasi’s house to do prep shots and it was PACKED.  There were so many people there and everyone was running around getting things done and making sure that the man of the hour was happy.  Annuj reports exactly the same at Chandra’s house.  From her sister, to her parents, to all of her extended family that came in from abroad, there was love and happiness in the air!  We hope you enjoy some of our favourites from their (first) day 🙂
Come back soon to catch photos of their Catholic ceremony and reception!  To see more of Chandra & Vasi, head over to our Facebook Fan Page.  “Like” our page to stay updated with our current work!
Annuj & Tanya

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