Niroj & Abi – Football Themed Engagement Shoot, Toronto

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Today we’re here with a special treat!  A football themed shoot!  Niroj is on about eight dozen football leagues in the GTA so it was pretty imperative to get that as a part of their shoot.  They managed to book an amazing football field and once Niroj had brought forward the idea, Annuj started swimming with ideas.  Abi wanted to make sure that they incorporated their bridal party so they custom made some shirts and it was the guys as football players and the girls as cheerleaders.  With some padding, footballs, and garbage/recycling bag made pom-poms – we were ready to go!  Niroj had actually come straight from another game before the shoot (the last game of the season) in which he won the award for Player of the Year!  Of course we had to incorporate that into the shoot as well!
We were lucky in the fact that the weather was really nice.  We did a whole bunch of different shots – ones with the bridal party, ones with just the two of them and a few with just Niroj in some epic posing, dramatic lighting, and baby poweder! (inspired by Nike ads).  Their bridal party was very helpful and super friendly.  We were fortunate to have access to the stadium lights and also had an awesome sunset which really gave different vibes throughout the shoot.  For so many reasons we are extremely pleased to bring you this shoot!
Looking forward to their wedding, less than ten days away!  For more of Niroj & Abi’s photos, head over to our Facebook Fan Page.  “Like” our page to stay updated on our current work!
Annuj & Tanya

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