Nizani & Neero – Themed Engagement Shoot, Toronto

Hi all,
Today we are here with a very special shoot!  Nizani (yes! Nizani Sri from Crown Beauty) and Neero are a gorgeous pair who had many ideas in mind for their engagement shoot.  Of course we decided to do three outdoor shoots on literally the hottest day of the year!
We started off the day with an Indian village themed shoot.  Nizani was perfectly styled in her hiked up saree and traditional hair and accessories as was Neero in his vetti and salvai.  And using the kudam as a prop was just the icing on the cake.
We then went over to Main Street Unionville as Nizani wanted a vintage-y fashion vibe.  She had this great hat and Annuj used the hat and the blaring sun to his advantage to create some beautiful portraits of her.  Leave it to Annuj to find the good of a bad situation – I love the shadows on her face!  She also got an older Oldsmobile from All-in-One Limo services and we got some great shots with that as well!
We finally ended off the night with a very cute picnic engagement shoot.  Filled with the right props (except the cheese melted because it was so hot in the car and the tuna started to smell a little funny), a handful of red balloons, and a tree that will leave you in awe – these photos turned out beautifully.  One of my favourites is the one where Nizani and Neero are sitting in a field filled with dandelions and the spores flying through.  Absolutely love this shoot and this couple.
Stay tuned for more photos from their Civil Ceremony!
Annuj & Tanya

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