Thush & Mali – Reception – Scarborough Convention Centre

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So of course following up from their beautiful wedding day is Mali &Thush’s reception!  Lightly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, their reception included a fantastical tree backdrop and a mad hatter cake (an homage to Mali’s nickname for Thush and his extensive headwear collection). Their reception was the first we had been to where the couple was not being waited on, entrances happened at the times they were planned to, and the dance floor opened earlier than expected! (and who’s going to complain about that, really?). An easy way to tell how amazing a couple are is to see the company they keep. Thush and Mali’s family and friends went above and beyond when planning speeches, games and even a lipdub video with over two dozen cast members (no easy feat, we can tell you). But our favorite part of the night to show how clearly creative and unique these two are were their choice of MCs – none other than the couple of the hour themselves: Thush and Mali. Amazing night!
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Annuj & Tanya
Cinematography: Inthemoment Productions
MUAH: AK Makeup

Mali & Thush – Toronto Hindu Wedding – Scarborough Convention Centre

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We’re here today with the wedding of Mali and Thush! Their wedding took place on a Wednesday evening so overall, it was more calm than the usual wedding. I have to say right now that Thush house was hands down the cleanest groom’s house that I’ve ever shot at. It’s great when everything is neat and ready so that you’re good to shoot as soon as we get there. After prep shots at the house we headed over to Scarborough Convention Centre for the wedding to take place. After Mali’s car arrived and she stepped out, my jaw hit the ground. She looked so beautiful in her baby pink manavara saree. My favorite part was how she added orchid embellishments to her hair – stunning!
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Annuj & Tanya
Venue, Decor, Catering: Scarborough Convention Centre
Make Up & Hair: Dimple Shah
Cinematography: Inthemoment Productions

Dillon & Lagitha – Civil Ceremony, Toronto

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Today we come to you with another one of our fave couples – Dillon & Lagi.  We shot their civil ceremony at the end of May and all we can say is that these two know how to put on a show!  Aside from the usual signing and speeches, they set up a skit/dance number that completely knocked everyone’s socks off.  The thought, effort and execution was absolutely flawless.  It was funny, clever, and thoroughly entertaining with a mix of Tamil and English in script and song, props, costumes and so much more!  I have never seen something so entertaining put on by the couple and their bridal party!  Hats off to them!
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Annuj & Tanya – Wedding Highlights

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Today we come to you with a personal story – today is our two year anniversary!

We spend all of our time capturing and sharing the special moments of our client’s weddings that we thought today being our second wedding anniversary would be the perfect day to share a glimpse into ours!

Cinematography: the very talented Prashanna Jeyaseelan of P-Your Vision

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Annuj & Tanya

Herman & Roshen – Scarborough Bluffs & Yorkville Engagement Session, Toronto

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Today we are here with the gorgeous couple that is Roshen & Herman.  We headed out at sunrise for the first portion of their engagement shoot and went over to a cliff that looks over the beaches.  For the second portion we went to the uber fashionable Yorkville.  Decked out in a well-fitted grey suit, a killer little black dress, matching Movado watches, Christian Louboutin kicks, and a bling blinging Tacori rock, there was no other place we should have been.  Throughout their engagement shoot there was one world that screams out at us – PASSION!  Hope you enjoy their photos!
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Annuj & Tanya

Mali & Thush – Engagement Shoot, Toronto

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We’re here today with Mali and Thush, an active, fun-loving couple!  We went out to shoot their engagement shoot on literally the coldest day of spring – Mother’s Day.  What sucked about the terrible weather is that Thush and Mali were a couple that really planned out what they had wanted.  We LOVE organized couples.  They went ahead of time, scouted locations and spots they wanted, and thought of fun ideas that were unique to their relationship.  Though it was freezing, Thush and Mali toughed it out with nothing but smiles and laughter.  Hope you enjoy some of our favourites from their shoot.

At least gloomy days make for awesome skyline shots. Our favourite from their shoot!

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Annuj & Tanya