Thush & Mali – Reception – Scarborough Convention Centre

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So of course following up from their beautiful wedding day is Mali &Thush’s reception!  Lightly inspired by Alice in Wonderland, their reception included a fantastical tree backdrop and a mad hatter cake (an homage to Mali’s nickname for Thush and his extensive headwear collection). Their reception was the first we had been to where the couple was not being waited on, entrances happened at the times they were planned to, and the dance floor opened earlier than expected! (and who’s going to complain about that, really?). An easy way to tell how amazing a couple are is to see the company they keep. Thush and Mali’s family and friends went above and beyond when planning speeches, games and even a lipdub video with over two dozen cast members (no easy feat, we can tell you). But our favorite part of the night to show how clearly creative and unique these two are were their choice of MCs – none other than the couple of the hour themselves: Thush and Mali. Amazing night!
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Annuj & Tanya
Cinematography: Inthemoment Productions
MUAH: AK Makeup

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