Purvee & Rajbir – Toronto Hindu Wedding

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When they came to us, we were already booked for the date of Purvee and Rajbir’s reception. Though they were disappointed, they booked with us anyways as they said their weddings were the most important part and they wanted us to cover that. So today, we are back with the grande finale for our coverage of Purvee and Rajbir’s wedding!

Their Hindu ceremony took place at Mirage Banquet Hall. Decked out in a beautiful red and white designer lehengha, Purvee had the spotlight for sure.

They had a beautiful ceremony with a great Pundit (Hindu priest) who made it a point to explain the reasons why everything was being done. Hindu ceremonies are always done in Sanskrit, an ancient language which much like Latin is not used very much anymore for daily conversation. So one will find that at many Hindu weddings, many members of the audience will not be paying attention/ will be talking simply out of boredom because they can’t understand the priest as he is speaking an age-old language. This has lead to a trend towards getting the priest to translate chants or explain the significance of a particular ritual. After taking seven steps around the sacred fire, Purvee and Rajbir were wed!

This left only one part remaining: Rajbir’s shoes. After a lengthy negotiations process between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, a price was agreed upon and our groom finally got his soles back.

Enjoy some of our faves.

Purvee and Rajbir, you are a beautiful couple and we wish you nothing but the best!

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Annuj & Tanya


Purvee & Rajbir – Brampton Sikh Wedding

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Today comes an especially special treat for us as it was the first Sikh wedding not only that we had shot, but also had attended. What we found was a beautiful and tranquil ceremony filled with song and melodious chanting.  Purvee entered the Gurdwara in a beautiful red anarkalli. She and Rajbir sealed their promise as they circled the altar.

Time was of the essence as they were having both their Hindu and Sikh ceremonies on the same day so we had a very small window of time to shoot the couple in between. Before we started shooting, some of Purvee’s bridesmaids approached us and asked us if we would be able to get Rajbir in a pose where they would be able to easily steal his shoes. For those of you who may not be as familiar, there is an Indian tradition of the bride’s side stealing the groom’s shoes. If they succeed in this, there is an event after the wedding that involves the groom’s side (on behalf of the groom) and the bride’s side (on behalf of the bride) going through a price negotiation in order to get the groom’s shoes back. But I must admit while shooting Rajbir in the morning he said he was going to be on his guard based on past exposure to Purvee’s friends. “They’re crazy!”, he told me as his turban was being wrapped, “one of her friends’ weddings? The groom walked around the whole day barefoot.”

So as I had started to say, the bridesmaids, dedicated to their task of thievery, approached us to get Rajbir in a pose that would help them get a hold of his shoes. Now, considering that BOTH Annuj and I knew Purvee before we had even met each other, I guess we were both a part of the bride’s side (sorry, Rajbir – but thank you for respecting our loyalty!). So set up we did and steal they did! As you will find from the photos below, Rajbir was taken by surprise but quickly called for back up from his boys and all pandemonium broke lose!

They fought and fought and at some point between the screaming, scratching, threatening and bleeding, the girls managed to escape with his shoes.

At this point, a defeated Rajbir turns to his brother and asks him for his shoes. JUST AS his brother dutifully takes off his feet, Puja (a bridesmaid) comes out of nowhere and grabs them! It was a very short struggle as a crafty bridesmaid put the shoes up her anarkalli top and ran back into the hotel victorious! Poor Rajbir was left to get YET ANOTHER pair of his groomsmen’s shoes!

Hope you enjoy some of our favorites.


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Annuj & Tanya

Purvee & Rajbir – Mehndhi & Garba

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The next few segments will be on the super cute Purvee & Rajbir. We start off today with their mehndhi/garba set at the beautiful Castlemore Golf and Country Club. Beautifully dressed in a colourful lehengha and as always big hair, Purvee was a stunner!  After traditional ceremonies, with dhandiyas in hand, the very festive garba began as hands were being adorned with henna. A great time was had by all!
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Annuj & Tanya

Vasi & Chandra – Wedding Next Day Edit Slideshow

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Here’s a slideshow of Vasi & Chandra’s weddings played at their reception!

Hope you enjoy!

Annuj & Tanya

Niroj & Abi – Toronto Engagement Shoot

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Abi and Niroj are no strangers to you guys based on your response to their football themed shoot. Today they’re back with one of our classic shoots. Abi wanted to get a beautiful venue with a lot of different rooms and old furniture – very Victorian style.  I scavenged online and found the stunning Graydon Manor for them. Abi booked a permit and we were set!  
For their second location we headed over to Haute Couture central in Toronto – Yorkville. While going through here Abiand Niroj constantly had an audience – people complimenting how beautiful a couple they are and how gorgeous Abi’s dress was – many even stopped to take photos of them as we were shooting [a word of advice to the general public: before lifting your camera/smart device / tablet to take a photo of a couple you don’t know (why you would want this is another conversation on its own), have the courtesy to ask them first.]
Contrasting to their fun filled football themed shoot, Abi wanted this to be more classy and fashion inspired. We feel their photos here are timeless, romantic, and full of style and emotion. Enjoy. 
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Annuj & Tanya