Purvee & Rajbir – Toronto Hindu Wedding

Hey guys!

When they came to us, we were already booked for the date of Purvee and Rajbir’s reception. Though they were disappointed, they booked with us anyways as they said their weddings were the most important part and they wanted us to cover that. So today, we are back with the grande finale for our coverage of Purvee and Rajbir’s wedding!

Their Hindu ceremony took place at Mirage Banquet Hall. Decked out in a beautiful red and white designer lehengha, Purvee had the spotlight for sure.

They had a beautiful ceremony with a great Pundit (Hindu priest) who made it a point to explain the reasons why everything was being done. Hindu ceremonies are always done in Sanskrit, an ancient language which much like Latin is not used very much anymore for daily conversation. So one will find that at many Hindu weddings, many members of the audience will not be paying attention/ will be talking simply out of boredom because they can’t understand the priest as he is speaking an age-old language. This has lead to a trend towards getting the priest to translate chants or explain the significance of a particular ritual. After taking seven steps around the sacred fire, Purvee and Rajbir were wed!

This left only one part remaining: Rajbir’s shoes. After a lengthy negotiations process between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, a price was agreed upon and our groom finally got his soles back.

Enjoy some of our faves.

Purvee and Rajbir, you are a beautiful couple and we wish you nothing but the best!

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Annuj & Tanya


2 thoughts on “Purvee & Rajbir – Toronto Hindu Wedding

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