Mayu & Charan – Fall Engagement Session – Toronto, Canada

Hi all,

We are back with one of your all-time favourite couples. When we posted Mayu & Charan’s San Francisco engagement shoot, we were flooded with comments about how beautiful this couple is and how amazing their shoot turned out. One of the most common comments were, “I wish I was friends with them”, “I feel like I know them”, and “I wish I could hang out with them”. These are all pretty valid comments – as friends of Charan & Mayu’s, we can assure you that these comments are not unfounded. They are kind, fun, loving, genuine people and we are so fortunate that our paths crossed the way they did. Yes, you do want to hang out with them and be friends with them. No lie – you really do. And if you don’t, you should.  Lol.

Now onto their new shoot! Even way back when planning our international sessions a year ago, Mayu expressed her desire to have a more classic shoot in the fall consisting of two things – their “nai kutties” (aka puppies), and a recreation of Charan’s whimsical proposal to Mayu.  We started off at the park/forest that they usually walk their doggies, Mason and Lebron (from here on out referred to as “Lebbie”). You grab their personalities instantly – Mason is the sweetheart and Lebbie is the man in charge. We had our hands full making sure Lebbie didn’t get cold and Mason stayed out of the mud. But posers they were!

Now you will note from their San Francisco shoot that Mayu needs no assistance styling herself. She came perfectly dressed for fall fashion in a long sleeved plum sweater dress – aptly access prized with a gold body chain, knee highs, and brown leather boots (MUAH! *kisses hand to the air like a chef). Speaking of MUAH, Mayu was beautified by Anna of AK Makeup. Anna did a wonderful job with a neutral smokey eye and soft tousled hair. Anna is one of the few artists in Toronto that we can really attest to in not only professionalism but also perfection. Her hair and make up stay put WELL after a tired bride has gone through the rigorous motions of a wedding day, or even more strenuous, a shoot with Annuj & Tanya! LOL! Anna is truly an ARTIST – she doesn’t just DO make up and hair, she CREATES ART. But we digress…

For the second portion of their shoot – we headed over to Charan’s house and recreated the magical moment when Charan asked Mayu to marry him. There’s a long story behind the proposal but it basically involves how Mayuri has added music, light, love, happiness, bliss, and so much more into Charan’s life – and it ends with a beautiful Princess cut ring and a “YES!” 🙂

They toughed it out in unbelievably cold weather – Mayu gets extra props for doing it all in a saree, with a smile, and like a boss. We hope you enjoy their photos!


Can’t wait for the wedding! 3 months away, guys! ❤  

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Annuj & Tanya


Dil & Sunita – A Christmas Proposal, Toronto

Hi All,

What a treat we have in store for you today!  We had the amazing opportunity of capturing a Christmas proposal this year. Sunita is a girl who loves Christmas, more so than her own birthday – according to Dil. So he waited until her favourite time of the year to pop the question. After a show of the nutcracker, they went back for their annual tradition of checking out the award-winning house for Christmas decor in Pickering. The owners of the house were kind enough (and in fact, honoured) to have Dil experience a monumental life moment at their home.

It’s funny – that night was extremely cold, rainy, windy, snowing (in a gusty way, not the nice way), and we thought that all of those combined would have landed in Sunita being a little grumpy and a not so nice shot. Instead, right as they walked up to the house, everything calmed down – as if it was just for them, for their moment. It wasn’t cold anymore as the rain stopped, the wind paused, and the snow trickled down beautifully from the sky. 

After their taking in of all things festive at the home, Dil got down on one knee and asked for Sunita’s hand in marriage. Gauging by her reaction, it was needless to say that she was both shocked and thrilled – she said “YES! We hope you enjoy some shots of this home and Dil & Sunita’s special moment.

Though it is a tad (yes, just a TAD) late, we hope you had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your holidays 🙂

Annuj & Tanya