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Getting any sort of international acclaim is of course flattering, but we are always just as excited when local agencies approach us. Yesterday, an interview with Annuj and was posted online. is a community-based initiative group highlighting Toronto’s Dreamers. And dream we do…


Annuj & Tanya


Aaina Bridal – 1950s Kollywood Engagement Shoot Feature

Hi All,
Our 1950s Kollywood engagement shoot starring Sathees & Tharshini was featured by Asiya on the fabulous Aaina Bridal blog.  If you haven’t caught her article on us yet, you can find it here.
A A I N A - Bridal Beauty and Style
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Annuj & Tanya

Dreamers Events – “The Notebook” Engagement Shoot Feature

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I guess you folks must really like our engagement shoot inspired by “The Notebook” as it was featured yet again – this time by Thadshige Jeyaseelan of Dreamers Events.  We were fortunate enough to work with Thadshiga on our Ohm Wedding shoot and she’s so creative and focused, such a pleasure working with her.  She’s now featured one of our favourite shoots of the year; head on over here to her blog to read more about it!

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Annuj & Tanya

The Knotty Bride – “The Notebook” Engagement Shoot Feature!

Our engagement shoot with Renetha & Niroshan inspired by “The Notebook” was featured by Alison at The Knotty Bride!  Find a link to the article here!


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Annuj & Tanya

ModernRani – 1950s Vintage Beach Inspiration Shoot Feature!

Hi guys!

Remember our 1950s Vintage Beach shoot  with the drop-dead gorgeous pairing that is Kelly and Ryan (inspired by the amazing Marilyn Monroe shoot at Tobey Beach)?  Well the lovely folks at Modern Rani did a great feature on our shoot.  Check it out at this link!

Enjoy the read!

Annuj & Tanya

Girls of TO – 1950s Vintage Beach Shoot Feature

Hey Readers!

Remember our 1950s Vintage Beach Shoot?!  Well, it was featured on the AMAZING fashion blog of Girls of TO (GOTO)!  Dani & Ally are experts in fashion, style, beauty and entertainment and we were honoured to be featured in their blog.

Click here to read the article featuring our work!

Ain’t she a beaut?!

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ModernRani – Our Wedding & Reception Feature!

Hi All,

The lovely folks at ModernRani featured our wedding and reception!  For those of you who may not know – ModernRani is a great place for South Asian couples to get planning advice, tips, vendor contacts, and inspiration for their wedding.

Here is the link to our wedding and our reception articles!

Enjoy the read from our friends at ModernRani!

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Annuj & Tanya