Raymond & Shiraine – West Indian Hindu Wedding – Toronto, Canada

Hello there friends!

We’re here today with one of a two part series with Shiraine and Raymond. It seems that we at Impressions by Annuj tend to attract a lot of mixed couples towards us. Raymond is from Guyana and is Hindu while Shiraine is from Sri Lanka and is from a Buddhist descent. We were very excited when they approached us for both their Hindu and Buddhist weddings along with their reception.

Their Hindu wedding was on a Friday evening and was filled with family, friends, and cheer. As Shiraine was getting herself beautified with her bridesmaids, I (Tanya) was at Raymond’s house. As per usual “brown standard time”, things were off to a bit of a delayed start but Raymond was nothing short of the perfect host. Whether it was making sure I was okay, to entertaining his boys or saying “hi” to every individual who entered the property, it seemed as though his only prerogative on his wedding day was to make sure that everyone was welcomed and had a good time.

It is no hidden secret that Shiraine is a beauty. Donned in a beautiful red lehengha, she stole the show. From the welcoming Bharat with the tussa to walking around the fire, they had a beautiful wedding day.

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Annuj & Tanya

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Mathan & Nirossa – Hindu Wedding – Toronto, Canada

Hello friends!

We’re here today with the beautiful and emotional wedding of Mathan and Nirossa.  I think with Mathan and Nirossa, it’s hard to not be filled with emotion – whether it is the happiness of the celebration, the bittersweet sadness that Nirossa will be moving from her native Germany to Canada, or the pure love they have for each other… they are a passionate pair.

The got married on a stellar day in the beautiful Swaminarayan Temple (BAPS Temple) in Etobicoke.  Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, they were united through a traditional Brahmin ceremony.  One of the best weddings we shot that day because they are such a wonderful pair.  Down-to-earth, calm, happy, and kind – these are the clients we live to photograph.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are a hot pair as well!  🙂  We’re sure that Kowsi from Beauty Creation had no problems dolling up Nirossa!

From Mathan majestically awaiting his bride, to Nirossa’s tears as she is greeted by her father, to laughter with the groomsmen, to their saree-flying shot at the end – this is one of our favourite weddings to date.  Enjoy 🙂

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Annuj & Tanya

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Colin & Amutha – Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Hey folks!

Today we’re here with the Hindu wedding of Colin and Amutha! You may remember them from their Alice in Wonderland themed shoot!

Their wedding took place at Mirage Banquet Hall. A beautiful traditional ceremony, but Amutha made sure to fuse details of both cultures in the nuptials. From Chinese silk fabrics blended into the mandap decor to the bridesmaids saree blouses designed with Chinese collars to the bridesmaids entering with Chinese umbrellas, there were touches of both Colin and Amutha in the festive celebratory air.

Here are a few of our faves.

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Annuj & Tanya

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Wedding Venue: Mirage Banquet and Convention Centre
Reception Venue: Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet
Videography: Atrium Pictures
Hair and Make up: Angell’s Beauty
Bride Wedding Outfit: India
Groom Wedding Outfit: India
Bride Reception Outfit: Bridal Studio
Groom Reception Outfit: Tuxedo Royale
Groom’s Reception Accessories: Tuxedo Royale
Shoes: Tuxedo Royale (groom)
Flowers: Can Asia Promotions (Bouquet and Garlands)
Music: Sonny Productions
Decorations: Can Asia Promotions
Wedding Cake: Can Asia Promotions
Stationary: Can Asia Promotions & Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet
Event Coordinator: Can Asia Promotions (ceremony), Ricky of Sonny Productions (reception MC)

Anu & Goby – Hindu Wedding – London, England

Hey all,

Over this past summer, we went to England to shoot a wedding.  This bride, Anu, is a cousin to one of our other brides and came down to Toronto last November to attend Renetha & Niroshan’s wedding. While there, she claims to have fallen in love with the way we worked with them and the moments we captured. She said she HAD to have us! Ummmm a gorgeous bride in beautiful London? We would be FOOLS to pass.

Her traditional Sri Lankan Hindu wedding was beautiful. Adorned in a beautiful white and gold saree, she came down the aisle as a happy bride. After the ceremony, we went to the stunning Oshwal temple neighbouring the banquet hall. Though our groom, Goby, was a bit tired from the day’s events, our Anu was good to go. And go we did. Enjoy.


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Annuj & Tanya

Vipushitha & Anchayan – Wedding Day Slideshow

Hey guys!

We got to capture a gorgeous wedding just one week ago!

Here is the slideshow from the big day – make sure you click the gear in the bottom right corner and click on 1080p so that you can watch in full high definition.  Hope you enjoy the photos ❤

Annuj & Tanya

Nirojan & Mituna – Toronto Hindu Wedding

Hey guys!

We’re here today with Mituna and Nirojan’s wedding. Their wedding was filled with happiness, laughter and cheer – and pretty much went off without a hitch! A fantastic job was done by Shaminy at GlamBeauty for Mituna’s make up and hair. Shaminy was also there to change Mituna’s look for the second half of the wedding – the civil ceremony. Mituna was decked out in a beautiful and bright yellow saree with red and black embellishments. A lovely day with a great couple! Hope you enjoy these photos.


Be back soon!


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Purvee & Rajbir – Toronto Hindu Wedding

Hey guys!

When they came to us, we were already booked for the date of Purvee and Rajbir’s reception. Though they were disappointed, they booked with us anyways as they said their weddings were the most important part and they wanted us to cover that. So today, we are back with the grande finale for our coverage of Purvee and Rajbir’s wedding!

Their Hindu ceremony took place at Mirage Banquet Hall. Decked out in a beautiful red and white designer lehengha, Purvee had the spotlight for sure.

They had a beautiful ceremony with a great Pundit (Hindu priest) who made it a point to explain the reasons why everything was being done. Hindu ceremonies are always done in Sanskrit, an ancient language which much like Latin is not used very much anymore for daily conversation. So one will find that at many Hindu weddings, many members of the audience will not be paying attention/ will be talking simply out of boredom because they can’t understand the priest as he is speaking an age-old language. This has lead to a trend towards getting the priest to translate chants or explain the significance of a particular ritual. After taking seven steps around the sacred fire, Purvee and Rajbir were wed!

This left only one part remaining: Rajbir’s shoes. After a lengthy negotiations process between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, a price was agreed upon and our groom finally got his soles back.

Enjoy some of our faves.

Purvee and Rajbir, you are a beautiful couple and we wish you nothing but the best!

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Annuj & Tanya

Vasi & Chandra – Wedding Next Day Edit Slideshow

Hi guys!

Here’s a slideshow of Vasi & Chandra’s weddings played at their reception!

Hope you enjoy!

Annuj & Tanya

Mali & Thush – Toronto Hindu Wedding – Scarborough Convention Centre

Hi guys,

We’re here today with the wedding of Mali and Thush! Their wedding took place on a Wednesday evening so overall, it was more calm than the usual wedding. I have to say right now that Thush house was hands down the cleanest groom’s house that I’ve ever shot at. It’s great when everything is neat and ready so that you’re good to shoot as soon as we get there. After prep shots at the house we headed over to Scarborough Convention Centre for the wedding to take place. After Mali’s car arrived and she stepped out, my jaw hit the ground. She looked so beautiful in her baby pink manavara saree. My favorite part was how she added orchid embellishments to her hair – stunning!
The wedding completed without a hitch and we got some great portraits of the couple afterwards. If you enjoyed these photos, head over to our Facebook Fan Page for more. “Like” our Page to stay updated with our current work.
Be back soon with their reception!
Annuj & Tanya
Venue, Decor, Catering: Scarborough Convention Centre
Make Up & Hair: Dimple Shah
Cinematography: Inthemoment Productions

Chandra & Vasi – Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Mississauga

Hi all,
We’re here today with the Hindu wedding of Vasi & Chandra.  One thing that stood strong throughout both their Hindu and Catholic ceremonies and right through the reception was their families.  I went over to Vasi’s house to do prep shots and it was PACKED.  There were so many people there and everyone was running around getting things done and making sure that the man of the hour was happy.  Annuj reports exactly the same at Chandra’s house.  From her sister, to her parents, to all of her extended family that came in from abroad, there was love and happiness in the air!  We hope you enjoy some of our favourites from their (first) day 🙂
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Annuj & Tanya