Amutha & Colin – Alice in Wonderland Themed Engagement Shoot

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Today we’re here with a creative treat! Amutha and Colin are a fun and unique couple who wanted a themed shoot that involved colour, props and a lot of dress up. What better theme than Alice in Wonderland?! I created their look book with what I thought was a wish list because it was so exhaustive – but to my delightful surprise, Amutha and Colin managed to grab literally every item on my list!  They shared that both of their families were hoarders and with a quick trip to the dollar store (something I ALWAYS recommend as a first resort – you’d be surprised what you can find there!), they were set!
Since the Alice in Wonderland theme has been done before, I thought we could add a cultural twist and suggested to Amutha that she wear a saree or an anarkalli (keeping in mind that it would have to be, of course, the Alice baby blue) – she brought both! She was beautified by Nizani of Crown Beauty, who did a PERFECT job with Amutha’s look. Pairing blue smokey eyes with baby pink lips was the perfect cute-yet-alluring look I was looking for. You can check out more of this talented, young artist on her Facebook Fan Page here!
With the help of some great friends and family, we were able to set up their stage on one of the hottest days of the year. Their table was littered with antique clocks, flowers, tea sets (including the teacup and saucer of Amutha’s late grandmother – so touching!), hardcover books, and so much more!  They also found a pocket watch (actually two!) for the shoot which paired beautifully with our very own white rabbit!  Special thanks to Nizani for allowing us to use Thumper (as we had dubbed him) for the shoot – he was on his absolute best behavior for the full duration. 🙂
From high tea to croquet with flamingos to cards and roses and so much more wackiness, Amutha and Colin proved to be a fun and free couple. We hope you enjoy some of our favourites.
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Annuj & Tanya

Nizani & Neero – Themed Engagement Shoot, Toronto

Hi all,
Today we are here with a very special shoot!  Nizani (yes! Nizani Sri from Crown Beauty) and Neero are a gorgeous pair who had many ideas in mind for their engagement shoot.  Of course we decided to do three outdoor shoots on literally the hottest day of the year!
We started off the day with an Indian village themed shoot.  Nizani was perfectly styled in her hiked up saree and traditional hair and accessories as was Neero in his vetti and salvai.  And using the kudam as a prop was just the icing on the cake.
We then went over to Main Street Unionville as Nizani wanted a vintage-y fashion vibe.  She had this great hat and Annuj used the hat and the blaring sun to his advantage to create some beautiful portraits of her.  Leave it to Annuj to find the good of a bad situation – I love the shadows on her face!  She also got an older Oldsmobile from All-in-One Limo services and we got some great shots with that as well!
We finally ended off the night with a very cute picnic engagement shoot.  Filled with the right props (except the cheese melted because it was so hot in the car and the tuna started to smell a little funny), a handful of red balloons, and a tree that will leave you in awe – these photos turned out beautifully.  One of my favourites is the one where Nizani and Neero are sitting in a field filled with dandelions and the spores flying through.  Absolutely love this shoot and this couple.
Stay tuned for more photos from their Civil Ceremony!
Annuj & Tanya

Aaina Bridal – 1950s Kollywood Engagement Shoot Feature

Hi All,
Our 1950s Kollywood engagement shoot starring Sathees & Tharshini was featured by Asiya on the fabulous Aaina Bridal blog.  If you haven’t caught her article on us yet, you can find it here.
A A I N A - Bridal Beauty and Style
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Tharshini & Sathees – 1950s Kollywood Cinema Engagement Shoot, Toronto

Hi guys,

We are back today with another creative engagement shoot!

Sathees and Tharshini came to us to book their wedding and wanted to include an engagement shoot.  We asked them if they wanted to do a more classic shoot or a themed one and Tharshini came forward with the idea of doing a 1950s Thamizh Cinema shoot.  We jumped on board instantly!  What a great idea!  From there, I created a lookbook outlining outfits, make up and hair, jewellry and other accessories.  We also did research to stay true to the photos of the era with regards to posing, light, and style.  This included Googling, photo searches, and hours of Sivaji, Saroja Devi, and of course, MGR!

What we ended up with was a great shoot with a wonderfully easy-going and happy couple.  The day of the shoot, they were so open and willing to try out anything that we had asked.  As you can imagine, poses from the 1950s are not quite the same as the ones that are done today and many can be very awkward.  Tharshini and Sathees were so clearly comfortable with each other that their ease shines through their photos.  Hope you enjoy their shoot!  Make up and hair was done by Beauty Fx.  Feel free to pin your favourites to Pinterest! 🙂

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Annuj & Tanya