Janice & Mahdi – Catholic Wedding & Reception – Toronto, Canada

Hello folks!

We’re here today with Janice and Mahdi. Their wedding festivities started at Pickering Village with a first look! I remember that Mahdi’s hands were shaking as he awaited Janice’s tap on his shoulder. She tapped, he turned, she smiled, he cried. It was a beautiful reveal. After some bridal party portraits we headed off to their wedding. The wedding was held at the church Janice has gone to since she was a little girl, so there was a big sentimental attachment. It was even noted by the priest as he marveled at how she’s grown into a beautiful bride.

Their first dance starting with a traditional slow song but ending with the very grooooovy Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye drew in the Ooooooohs from the audience as if it were a grade seven classroom! From there it was some hilarious speeches that were basically the bride and especially the groom getting torn from head to toe by their nearest and dearest (you will see their hilarious expressions when listening to their speeches). But Mahdi and Janice were just as good when it came to their turn to speak – it was a great night! Hope you enjoy a few moments!














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Annuj & Tanya

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Shiraine & Raymond – Buddhist Wedding & Reception – Toronto, Canada

Hi folks!

Here is the follow up to Shiraine & Raymond’s Hindu Ceremony. Their Buddhist ceremony was the following Sunday. We started off the day with a bridal party photoshoot at Guildwood Park. But just before that we did a quick first look outside of their hotel. As you can see, Raymond can truly appreciate how beautiful Shiraine looked that day. After the bridal party shoot was completed Shiraine had left to the salon to get re-dolled up for her Buddhist wedding. Adorned in a stunning white and gold dye cut saree, Shiraine walked down the aisle on traditional Sinhalese fashion accompanied by dancers and drummers. The ceremony is a very familial event including much involvement from the parents and dropping betel leaves to honour past ancestors. Directly following the Buddhist ceremony was a cocktail hour for the guests and then the reception. Ray and Shiraine entered with their bridal party and right into a choreographed number! With some loving words, good food, and non-stop dancing. Everyone was in for a good night!

Hope you enjoy some of our faves 🙂

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Annuj & Tanya

Colin & Amutha – Tea Ceremony & Reception

We’re here today with Colin & Amutha’s wedding reception. In true fusion form, this mixed raced couple started off their day with a Sri Lankan Hindu wedding and followed it up with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and reception. The tea ceremony was filled with thoughtful quotations, loving wishes, jokes, and of course, tea!

Amutha had a day full of outfit changes. From starting her day in her manavara saree, to tying the knot in her koorai saree, then changing into her traditional Chinese dress (for the tea ceremony), to a white princess wedding dress, then back into her Chinese attire (at the reception), and finally into a beautiful teal stonework saree. That is a LOT of changing for one girl over approximately sixteen hours – but she pulled it off.

Their reception was a Disney themed affair. From Amutha’s princess gown, to their Alice in Wonderland themed shoot, to their happy endings cake, to Beauty and the Beast centrepieces and so much more! The ten course meal failed not as everyone was stuffed by course five! A big highlight of the night was their concept video made by Atrium Pictures. A hilarious yet touching mini-film, Amutha and Colin showcase their story of how they had met in the office and went from friends to so much more. You can check it out here on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy some snaps from the second half of their wedding day!

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Annuj & Tanya

For more of Amutha & Colin:

Alice in Wonderland Engagement Shoot

Colin & Amutha’s Wedding Ceremony

Reception Venue: Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet
Videography: Atrium Pictures
Hair and Make up: Angell’s Beauty
Bride Reception Outfit: Bridal Studio
Groom Reception Outfit: Tuxedo Royale
Flowers: Can Asia Promotions (Bouquet and Garlands)
Music: Sonny Productions
Decorations: Can Asia Promotions
Wedding Cake: Can Asia Promotions
Stationary: Can Asia Promotions & Casa Victoria Fine Dining and Banquet
Event Coordinator: Ricky of Sonny Productions (reception MC)

Amanda & Adam – Toronto Catholic Wedding

Hey all,

We’re here today with Adam and Amanda’s wedding day. One thing that stood out for us was how there was no hustle and bustle, no rush rush rush. Everything happened at a great pace and everyone was calm. Everyone made it on time, the groom is handsome, the bride is beautiful, the priest was hilarious, and it was a lovely ceremony.

The down side was that it was raining. Hard. So we had to skip the beautiful outdoor location that they got a permit for and head over to Mississauga Convention Centre early for their bridal party photos. Which really wasn’t a problem – with the right eye almost everything can become a backdrop. 🙂

I (Tanya) was shooting with Adam in the morning and he is nothing but a gentleman. From constant “thank yous” and “pleases”, to asking me to sit down and have breakfast with him and his grandparents to even turning down the air conditioning in the hotel room before he came down for breakfast (because he “knew a ‘lady’ was going to be in the room soon and girls always seem to be cold”), he proved that what they say is true – a small town boy (from Penetanguishene, Ontario) knows how to treat a lady. And that was the consensus at the reception. Nothing but high praises from family, friends, and from Amanda herself for how lucky she was to find someone who always treats her right and knows exactly what to say. Adam’s speech showed the world that though Amanda is an independent, determined, successful young woman, she is also the perfect blend of city and town, who is not afraid to go on an adventure and get dirty. A match made in Heaven!

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Annuj & Tanya

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Niroj & Abi – Toronto Catholic Wedding

Hello all,

We are so excited to bring you today’s wedding of two very special people. If you aren’t already well acquainted with Abi & Niroj, you can catch their football themed engagement shoot here and their classic engagement shoot here.

Their Catholic ceremony took place on a very sunny Saturday afternoon in July. One detail to note was their aisle! They framed photos of themselves from young to old and put it at the end of each pew. As they walked down the aisle, their history accompanied them to where they are today – how thoughtful!

After a lovely ceremony, we headed over to their planned location for their bridal party shoot. This place was completely rammed with people. We decided to leave and went to an abandoned barn for their bridal party photo shoot. Little did we know how perfect this mishap of events would be.

Their reception was held at the newly opened Markham Convention Centre. The Perfect Setting provided the decor for the event and they provided just that – a perfect setting. The whole hall was oozing of rustic elegance. Tree stumps, bird cages, mason jars and candles. Soft browns, pale pinks with golds and whites made this into an unbelievably delicate stage. To complement Abi’s lace A-line gown and pearl jewelry, the centerpiece jars were wrapped in white lace and the mouths of the jars were lined with strands of pearls. We couldn’t get over how utterly beautiful their reception was.

But remember that a wedding is a two-person affair which means that Niroj had to incorporate himself into the picture as well. And anyone who knows Niroj knows that if there’s one thing he’s passionate about – it’s football (hence, their themed engagement shoot). So his personality shone through with football team table numbers, a football crashing into their wedding cake AND a football inspired couple entrance. For traditional portion of the reception including blessings from elders and garland exchange as well, Abi changed into a beautiful designer saree. This royal blue lehengha styled piece had a huge and beautiful silver border. With an energetic MC, short (but sweet) speeches from loved ones, video complications from friends, and a dance from the bridal party (including the couple themselves), the reception was a big hit.

We hope you love their wedding as much as we do.


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Annuj & Tanya

Vasi & Chandra – Wedding Next Day Edit Slideshow

Hi guys!

Here’s a slideshow of Vasi & Chandra’s weddings played at their reception!

Hope you enjoy!

Annuj & Tanya

Vasi & Chandra – Catholic Wedding & Reception, Brampton

Hi guys,
So this couple is not only an interracial couple (Chandra: Guyanese, Vasi: Sri Lankan), but they are also an interreligious couple (Chandra: Hindu, Vasi: Catholic).  So they had two wedding ceremonies followed by a reception.  We’re here today with Vasi & Chandra’s Catholic wedding which took place at St. Theresa’s Church in Scarborough.  Chandra wore an exquisite dress that reminded me of the old hollywood glamour style.  She was beautified in a sequinced strapless fitted gown with a ruffled bottom and a long train – and looked absolutely beautiful!  After the wedding ceremony and taking their bridal party photos, we headed over to Pearson Convention Centre for their reception.  They had a Paris-themed reception as Vasi had proposed to Chandra in front of the Eiffel Tower last year!  All of the details were perfectly fit for their concept.  After some speeches, games, and a dinner provided by “The Host”, the dance floor was open and it was packed!  A great night for a great couple 🙂
After all of these photos taken with Vasi & Chandra, it’s hard to believe it is all over.  We wish you both all of the very best in the future!
Annuj & Tanya

Alice & Stephen – Distillery District Wedding, Toronto

Hi guys,

Today we’re so excited to bring you photos from Alice & Stephen’s wedding!  They had a beautiful Catholic wedding followed by a stunning reception at the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District in Toronto.

Stephen’s house was filled with Hindi music and laughter when we came through the door.  He has such a lively and happy family; you could definitely feel the love in the house.  Alice was an absolutely stunning bride.  Her dress was fabulous and her hair and make up was on point!  She got ready at her brother’s condo.  Now her brother has a dog, which sheds a little bit and as you can see from one of the photos below, Alice has some dedicated bridesmaids at her side, attacking her dress with lint removing sheets to make sure all of the fur was off her dress before her big walk down the aisle!

Their ceremony went off without a hitch and we moved on to their bridal party shoot at the very cool Evergreen Brickworks!  From there, we went to the Arta Gallery in the Distillery District.  Their location was filled with elegant touches of white flowers and feathers – it was beautiful!  The night was fully catered by “The Food Dudes” and we must say, the food was absolutely delicious!  They need to open up a restaurant because we cannot wait for another wedding to be catered by them again!  After Alice & Stephen’s first dance, the cutting of the cake, and the daddy-daughter dance were some extremely heartfelt speeches.  Here are a few of our favourites from their big day.

Overall a wonderful night with a great couple.  Stephen & Alice, we wish you nothing but the best!

Annuj & Tanya

Niroshan & Renetha – Reception, Toronto

Hello blog world!

So it’s time for another blog post.  This time it’s a wrap up of Niroshan and Renee’s story with their wedding reception.

Before their reception we shot at the Hilton Suites in Markham.  I’ve always driven by this hotel and loved how the glass windows go up all the way to the top of the building front of the building as the actual building is a U shape with the glass connect both ends.

Niroshan and Renee are always fun to work with and they always do whatever we ask them to and this time we had them jump on the bed fully dressed and the photos really showed how much of a fun couple they are.  Their reception was at Scarborough Convention Centre and included a fun filled reception with an introduction dance, speeches, and a hilarious reenactment by their friends of their first meet (along with ACTUAL video footage of that first time)!   How sweet and thoughtful is that?!

Here are some of our favourites from their day!

We got home around 2:30am that night and packed our luggage because we had a 10am flight to Jamaica the next day!

As the first couple who booked us for their wedding, Niroshan and Renetha will always have a special place in our hearts.  They had faith and confidence in us and we’ll never forget that.  We are so glad with how quickly they switched from clients to friends – such an easy going, amazing couple.  We had fun shooting them from beginning to end and hope to build many more relationships with clients like we have with them.

Wishing them nothing but the absolute best that this world can offer,

Annuj & Tanya